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Studio 8 Design creates graphic design with a purpose – to tell people, at a glance, who you are and what you deliver. Perception is everything. Potential customers judge you by your image.

The foundation of Studio 8 Design’s work is a fusion of creative design and effective communication. We distil the essence of your company into a unique visual message that makes you stand out – for all the right reasons.

Our goal is to ensure that you make a great impression – one that is powerful and memorable. Your success is our satisfaction.


Founded by owner and managing designer Sara Bowers in 2001, Studio 8 Design is located in Southbank, Melbourne, Australia. We work with local, national and international clients.

Studio 8 Design is a full-service graphic design agency, specialising in print media.

We create unique corporate branding solutions and apply them to everything you need, from business cards and brochures to promotional items and signage. We also offer professional photography, digital re-touching facilities and creative illustration services.

We understand small business needs. Studio 8 Design delivers affordable, creative solutions to get you up and running with eye-catching corporate identities and branding packages.

Studio 8 Design collaborates closely with you to ensure that we meet your objectives.


Managing designer Sara Bowers gives each design project her undivided attention. Sara is highly qualified, and brings a wealth of award-winning experience to your project.

Sara has worked both in-house and freelance with international agencies and designers. Her design philosophy and style – creative, contemporary, clean - is influenced by her extensive study of art and design from around the world. Sara brings a unique style to the use of colour and typography to create truly memorable designs.

As well as creating fine design, Sara can help with marketing and project management.


Working with Studio 8 Design, you’ll find that:

You get: Dedicated service. Managing designer Sara Bowers takes your project from concept to completion.

We are: Flexible. Plans change. Sometimes there are problems. It helps to know that Studio 8 Design is ready to go the extra mile for you.

The price is: Right. You get the expertise and quality you'd expect from a large design house, but you'll be pleasantly surprised by our fees!



Exciting times – you’re throwing your energy into building your business, solving your clients’ problems and building relationships. But will they remember you? You need to create a corporate identity – a brand.

Branding elements such as logos, colours and type fonts:

Studio 8 Design focuses on memorable branding.

Once the creation of the branding concept is complete, it is applied to the design of as many elements as you require, from business cards to building signage. Ideally, your brand will be applied to everything. Consistency is the key to powerful branding.


Stage 1: Initial Discussion: where we learn as much as possible about your aims, desires and expectations (and your budget!).This can be done by email, by phone, or in person.


Stage 2: Roughs/Comps: based on our initial discussion, we create a few rough design options for you to consider. You tell us which one/s you prefer, and we fine tune the concept. Our quote allows for up to two rounds of roughs, which is usually more than enough. Further drafts can be prepared at additional cost based on our standard hourly rate. We welcome your input during the design process; after all, this is your public image we’re creating!


Stage 3: Finalisation: When you are completely happy with a draft, we proceed to finalise the design. You receive a CD of all final files in a variety of formats for future use. We also provide all production work (drafts, options).


Our quotes are based on an estimate of hours required to produce the highest quality design, but we can suggest creative ways to tailor a project if the budget is tight. The end result will still be professionally designed, but almost certainly less eye-catching.

Sometimes though, cheaper options are perfectly adequate.

"But the printer down the road says he can do it for $50.”

Designing, like singing, isn't hard. Great design, like great singing, requires years of dedicated learning and practise.

Sure, you’ll get something for your $50. But ask yourself – “Is that all my business is worth?” You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and you know how important it is to create a great first impression. We never encourage clients to spend more than they can realistically afford but, as in most things, you get what you pay for.


Studio 8 Design prides itself on fast turnaround times on all projects. And we keep you informed every step of the way.

For projects quoted over $200, we ask you for a 50% deposit up front, with the balance payable on completion of the project. Upon acceptance of our quote, you will receive a contract confirming all project details. One very important point to note is that you will be granted full ownership rights to the final design. And of course if you have any questions, we are here to help.



At Studio 8 Design, we know that word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool. We love getting return business and referrals, so we want you to have a positive experience.

It’s important that you are comfortable throughout the design process. And of course we want you to be happy - no, make that ecstatic - with the end result.

Creating a brand for your new or growing business should be exciting. Holding the finished design in your hands is usually the point at which it finally feels real.

You have to choose a designer with whom you are comfortable. You need to be confident that they have the ability to do a great job – and you have to like their style.

Studio 8 Design understands your needs. We aim to exceed your expectations.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.

Take a moment to visit us at www.Studio8Design.com where you can see samples of numerous projects we have completed – and read what our satisfied clients are saying.

Studio 8 Design looks forward to hearing from you soon.


STUDIO ADDRESS: 58/33 Southbank Blvd

Southbank VIC 3006

PHONE: (03) 9682 6013

FAX: (03) 9682 6013

MOBILE: 0425 841 489

EMAIL: info@Studio8Design.com

WEB: www.Studio8Design.com


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