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Hansell’s Medical Consultancy


Management Consulting Services for Medical Practices

Our business is helping medical practices to function at maximum efficiency in today’s competitive marketplace.

Use our medical practice management services to help you with business planning and office systems.

Above all, we urge you to consult us before talking to a physician practice management (PPM) consultancy.

Business Planning for Medical Practices

A business plan positions your practice for future success, enabling you to seize opportunities and build revenue. Doctors working in a busy practice rarely have the time to create their own business plans.

Hansell’s Medical Consultancy can help you to clarify your vision, and set specific objectives for your business.

Sample business plans

Medical Practice Management Systems

Many practices purchase expensive software that lies idle and technology that nobody is able to maintain. They are unable to monitor cashflow and business performance.

You need unbiased information about every management issue from computer hardware to staff training. That’s where Hansell’s Medical Consultancy steps in.

Systems, software and sample reports

Physician Practice Management (PPM) Consultancy


Many doctors are considering the sale of their practice to a PPM. The aim is to achieve an integrated system of management and governance, and to attract investment funds.

If you are thinking of taking this step, you can consult us with confidence. We have guided many clients through the process.

Negotiating with a PPM



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