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Montage New Zealand: education in the global community

We take education out of the classroom into the world.

This is an educational website that introduces online collaborative projects based in New Zealand. Teachers and students can work on these projects in partnership with schools around the world.

Collaborating with other students through the Internet

All projects initiated by Montage New Zealand:

Students use Montage New Zealand projects to develop skills in information and communication technology (ICT), problem solving, research and online publishing.

Examples of international student involvement

Year 13 students from across New Zealand shared their ideas about global citizenship and the role of the Commonwealth with students of a similar age from other Commonwealth countries. They discussed issues such as cultures, human rights, fair trade, sport and media.

Year 5 students from St Peter Chanel primary school in New Zealand and Maes Haul primary school in Wales created works of art from recycled materials. The groups used the Internet to view each other’s creations. As outcomes, they learned more about the need to reduce and recycle waste, both locally and worldwide, and developed creative skills.

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