Whyte Ink

From email correspondence with Peter Bowerman during the editing of ‘The Well-Fed Self-Publisher’:

‘You're a mutant. And I mean that in the most endearing sense... ;) Seriously, I was frankly blown away by your take on the chapter. It was quasi-surreal, actually, as if you had somehow gotten into my head and were reading my mind…’

‘Geoff, I've got to say - you're earning your keep. Seriously. This is really good stuff and it has my mind working overtime...’

‘You continue to amaze me, this time with your eagle-eye. You're an excellent editor. You've seen SO many things I completely missed, and even in this last round, I was shaking my head at all the little stuff you caught…thanks again for all your wonderful work on the book...’

‘Glad you like - it did come out well, no? And not least b/c of you...’

Acknowledgement in ‘The Well-Fed Self-Publisher’:

‘My sincere thanks to Geoff Whyte, my positively brilliant, incredibly insightful editor. Far more than an editor, he was a true partner on this book, constantly challenging me to make it a stronger work. Hire him. He’s that good (and amazingly reasonable!).’

Extract from p. 52:  ‘I ended up going with Geoff for two reasons: he did an excellent job, and having read both my books, was demonstrably more tuned-in (almost eerily so) to my mindset.’

And from the Appendix on p. 246 listing recommended resources: ‘[Geoff is] brilliant, thorough, clairvoyant, insightful, thinks 10 steps ahead, amazingly reasonable.’


Email correspondence from Mark Tredinnick in response to my email to UNSW Press alerting them to several typos in ‘The Little Red Writing Book’:

UNSW Press forwarded your kind and helpful note about my book. (Please do recommend it to all your clients!)

As you so generously hoped, the book is going into a second printing, and I've taken in all your edits… isn't it astonishing how these things escape our eyes, even in a process as relatively rigorous as that at UNSWP? I'm glad they didn't escape yours, though. Thanks for noticing and taking the trouble to let the press know (so very clearly, too).


From email correspondence with Robyn Henderson, Sea Change Publishing:

‘You are brilliant - I can’t believe the stuff you find.

You do a fantastic job!!

We had some print on demand done and the book looks great!
Thanks for all your input - I know its greatness has a lot to do with your input.

YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’


From email correspondence with Lisa Messenger, Messenger Marketing, during the editing of ‘Cubicle Commando’:

 ‘Thanks for another great job! 

Thanks – you are an absolute star!! 

You have been beyond brilliant! 

Thanks super star. 

You have gone above and beyond the call!’

‘I’m really impressed with what you’ve done! Thanks a mill. I think you’ve done a fabulous job capturing our voices.’ 

‘Yes, you are an absolute star!!!!!!!!!!!  A breeze to work with – everything is just so easy and seamless. It has been a joy, and I really look forward to doing many more projects together!’ 

Acknowledgement in Cubicle Commando:

‘A true partnership with an editor extraordinaire. One of the funniest and most talented people we could have possibly wished for on the team.’


From email correspondence with Lindy Capelli, True Learning Centre (Glenn Capelli, leading Australian and international speaker/educator):

‘Thanks again for your quick and fabulous work Geoff.’


Acknowledgement in ‘Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict’ by Adoley Odunton and Deborah Deras:

‘Geoff, a special thank you for your generosity of spirit, and for your precision and attention to detail. You make us look good.’



Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.

William Strunk, Jr.